La puerta del garaje de control remoto

universal remote control for garage doors, if you need multiple drivers or if you want to put together a series of remote controls in the same unit. In fact, you can easily copy the code and thus to copy the existing remote controls. Koodikopioijassa is usually four channels, so a total of four codes can be armed to the same controller.

The usual mode of operation is only the possibility of opening remote controlled garage doors. The fact that there is no need to get out of the car when it rains, miserable, dark and cold, of course, is just an added bonus. Most garage door openers use a floating code frequency of 433.92. Variable code means that the code is different at each opening, which increases security. </ Span>

But the remote ohjainkopioija is not only the garage door remote control. In fact, it can be compatible with permanent and temporary codes and so-called learning codes and operate at different frequencies. The universal remote control can also be used for automatic doors, security systems, and home accessories. The signal transmission range is typically 50 meters to 100 meters.

The remote controller may use RF (radio frequency) IR (infrared) technology or for command transmission. There should be no obstacle between the IR controller, that is, if, for example, keeping your hand in front of sending a signal, the signal does not go forward. It is also an easy way to test what kind of original remote control it is. IR does not work a long distance. That is why garage remote controls use radio frequency technology.