HR Fitbit Alta / Alta

Fitbit Alta is a narrow, digital aktiviteettiranneke that also tracks many things, such as steps, distance and calorie consumption, sleeping and resting, and sends alerts for phone calls, text messages and calendar appointments. Fitbit Alta HR also serves as a pulssikellona and to measure your heart rate. Therefore, the measurement of calorie consumption becomes more accurate. Fitbit Alta HR helps optimize physical activity and health. Alta Fitbit wristband suitable for both Fitbit Fitbit and HR models at Alta. The slim design makes Fitbit Alta and Alta HR look more like a watch bracelet. Therefore, it is especially fun to change the Fitbit wristband often to fit your outfit or activity.

Fitbit Alta sports shoe-silikoniranneke is available in many colors, and can also be obtained from three pieces or ten great practical packages. For an elegant palette of different colors, and at the same time you can save a lot of money. Bracelets are sweat and water and are suitable for training.

Fitbit Alta with a stainless steel strap is a stylish decoration. The trendy Milan loop looks like a big teräskankaalta, and allows the skin to breathe. Wristbands is a smart magnetic lock, which makes you feel perfectly on the wrist. Metal bracelet are available in different shades, for example, silver, gold, black or ruusukultaisina. Fitbit Alta / Alta HR -vaihtorannekkeemme delivery with Fitbit bras and bracelets is very easy to change - how many any time.