Banda para la cabeza con una función de los auriculares

relax and sleep better sound proof headphones

Headband with built-in headphones is a good solution if you want to sleep or relax with your favorite music or recorded audio on another without interfering. At the same time, you get to enjoy the quiet, because the headphones prevent you from belonging to the sounds of your surroundings. Perfect dream mobiles to relax and get out of today's hectic society. Sleeping with the headband can also be used by dragging the sleeping mask to protect the eyes. Listening to relaxing music - a good trick, If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night. Comfortable material feels comfortable and slim millimeter of integrated headphones interfere at all. A soft and comfortable plush headband, with soft built-in earbuds, to fall asleep more easily,

<span> Headband with headphones - ideal for traveling and when training

Built-in headphones can be removed, so you can wash the headband, and also use without using the headphones. It also keeps your ears warm when worn outdoors in the winter. Smart integrated headband headphones make the perfect accessory even when you get into cooler weather because you can be sure that the headphones stay in place to move quickly, while keeping your head warm. It can be easily connected to a mobile phone or MP3 player a little over a meter length of cable with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Tip: If you have a lightning iPhone connector, you can connect the small band adapter earphone to your mobile phone!

<span> Listen wirelessly - Bluetooth headband or hood with built-in wireless headset </ Span>

You can also use a Bluetooth helmet or a headband. Listen to music, talk and hands-free wirelessly. While the headband, with built-in headphone and microphone, keeps you warm when outdoors in the winter! Bluetooth headband is comfortable and useful also jogs. The built-in microphone lets you answer a hands-free calling and talking device, and you don't have to freeze your hands. When it is very cold, headdress headphone is a good option. It is a fashionable hat that suits everyone. Both kuulokemyssy headband wireless headphones that are washable, Bluetooth headphones are easily removable. <

Pantalla iPhone 6 - Blanco
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Un kit con pantalla de repuesto LCD para la parte frontal de su iPhone 6. Esto también le da un nuevo toque. Las herramientas de reparación necesarias están incluidas en el paquete. ¡Al reemplazar su pantalla usted mismo, ahorrará dinero!